Client Testimonials


It gladdens me to provide review for the counseling services provided by Parveer. It has made a big change in my life. Parveer’s patience and expertise in this matter has been instrumental in helping me stay positive. I always appreciate her flexibility, ability to cite real life examples and lend a listening ear to my thoughts.  I look forward to seeing her for more sessions and am confident it's going to make a positive impact .

Thank you for your understanding and time. 

- Client, Age 39


Parveer helped me manage my emotions. She is easy to talk to, calm and make me feel comfortable during my sessions. I learned how to calm my overwhelming feelings which helped me to focus better.

- Client, Age 14

I am in the mental health field and my 16-year-old daughter instantly chose Parveer from her bio after I showed her 4 potential counsellors I thought may be a fit. I feel like we won the lottery with her first go at private counselling. I know so many teens who have not been as lucky. Parveer is welcoming, nonjudgmental and communicates well (no jargon!!!). She is a good listener, follows up on things, uses the session time intentionally, and imparts ideas/strategies to use. So many kids (and adults) are turned off by counselling because of the stereotypical “How does that make you feel?” approach-Parveer is authentic and doesn’t used a templated style. My daughter loves her. I too, feel very comfortable interacting with her as a parent. She is definitely in the right profession and I am very grateful to have the extra support that I also needed when I felt like I was beginning to lose some footing with my daughter’s well-being. 

- Client, Age 16


I’m so glad I decided to seek counselling services for driving anxiety caused by a car accident. I had an incredibly positive experience with Parveer who is a warm, flexible, and knowledgeable professional. She is very personable and soft spoken. I highly recommend Parveer as a counsellor.

- Client, Age 27


I was in a serious car accident recently and was encouraged by a friend to try counselling sessions. I was apprehensive at first and didn't realise I had post-traumatic stress from my accident.

Parveer is an excellent counsellor, Very understanding and knowledgeable about post-traumatic stress related to accidents. I felt very at ease and noticed a Big difference even after my first session.

Parveer gave me the confidence and the tools I needed to overcome my traumatic experience.

The counselling proved to be invaluable. 

- Client, Age 51


It was a peaceful environment, where I was able to open up and talk to someone judgment free. I had a lot of anxiety and grief that I needed to face and counselling with Parveer really helped me overcome those thoughts. I definitely came out stronger in the end. Thank you so much again! 

- Client, Age 22


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